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Love Emergency (Uniform Encounters 3) by Morticia Knight at Knight Ever After Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Doctors/Nurses/EMTs/Vets / Age Gap / Interracial / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 06-September-2021

Book Blurb

The ER doctor is smoking hot, and the sexy, young paramedic can’t keep his eyes off him. But will a Phoenix kink club and bomb threat kill their prognosis of love?

Paramedic Terrence Samuels loves a good time, especially at Sinsation—Phoenix’s top kink club for the LGBT crowd. The young stunner with model looks is never without a partner or two, but lately the thrill has flatlined. When Mesa’s handsome new ER doctor takes care of Terrence after an injury, he wonders if it’s time to ditch the club scene for good.

Ever since his long-time partner died, ER doctor Jackson Reed has been content to live alone with his cat, Mr. Nibbles. At thirty-eight, he thinks his chance at love has already come and gone. Just because the paramedic he meets in the ER happens to make his temperature rise, that doesn’t mean he has to give into his fever.

It takes a lot of convincing from Terrence to get Jackson to go out with him for a drink. However, once they’re alone the chemistry is off the charts, and Jackson decides he might take a chance on romance again. But can Jackson trust that the younger stud won’t break his heart?

Ultimately, it might be a deranged bomber who tears them apart forever…



First edition published under the title 'Lust Emergency' by Pride Publishing, September 2013. This edition has been revised and re-edited, but the story essentially remains the same.


Book Review

'Love Emergency' is the third installment in Morticia Knight's fun and smexy series,  'Uniform Encounters'. Seeing as this book involves an ER doctor and a paramedic, I was excited to read it since my sisters are ER nurses and my brother-in-law is a paramedic. I've been on the fringes of that world for quite some time now. Plus, I'd gotten glimpses of Terrence in the previous stories and was excited for him to get his own.

Terrance is feeling a little out of sorts lately and he can't quite figure out why. His job as an EMS, newly promoted to paramedic, is wonderful with him having recently gotten on day shift. He loves his little apartment in downtown Mesa, and he's been spending a lot of time at the new GLBT club, Sinsation. So, where's his funk coming from? His friend, aka occasional sex partner, Marcus, at Sinsation has been giving him some weird vibes lately, but Terrance is pretty much a live and let live kind of guy and doesn't judge people. But, Terrance was beginning to feel the club and the hookups were just too routine and boring, as if maybe he was done spending so much time there and, instead, should look for a fulfilling relationship. Now, if only that super hot ER doctor were gay. Hmm.

Jackson left New Mexico when his partner of ten years died suddenly from an aneurysm and took the first available ER position, which happened to be in Mesa, Arizona. So, now it's just Jackson and his cat, Mr. Nibbles. Jackson is a private man, who isn't ashamed of his sexuality, he just doesn't think it's anyone's business. Of course, being gorgeous, and a doctor, a young nurse has been harassing him ever since she started working there. When she blatantly groped him in the cafeteria (What!) he blurted out that he was gay to get her to leave him alone. She, of course, doesn't believe him because what man wouldn't want her?, and she proceeds to spread malicious rumors around the hospital about Jackson. (I have a name for women like that, but my momma taught me better manners, so I'm not going to say it.) When Jackson meets Terrance he's intrigued as this is exactly the type of man he usually goes for. And, in his previous relationship, Jackson was the younger man, so this time around he'd like to be in charge and taking care of his partner.

Terrance finally convinces Jackson to meet him for a drink one evening. There they discovered that they shared a love of old classic films and definitely have no problem making conversation together. Terrance knows, now, that he's ready to have a real, loving relationship and to stay out of the clubs. But, some miscommunication occurs and Jackson is left wondering if he can trust his young lover. When the bomb threats begin, all emergency and first responders are put on the scene and Jackson and Terrance struggle to work through their issues in the midst of the crisis as the bomb threat turns out not to be a hoax.

This was an enjoyable addition to the series. It was fun, sexy, had a little drama, but nothing too over the top, and an easy pace to it. If you like stories with men in uniform, then this might be for you.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 185 pages
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Publication Date 05-September-2021
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