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Hotter Than Hot (Suntastic Fun 2) by Ariella Zoelle at Sarayashi Publishing

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 17-September-2021

Book Blurb

Baxley has been teasing Callahan for years about wanting to be with him. When Callahan finds out his best friend is actually serious about being with him, his curiosity gets the better of him. Why should being straight stop him from having fun with his sexy best friend?


Baxley is a lot of things: an awesome friend, a relentlessly shameless flirt, a little too attractive, and way too tempting when I’m straight. All of his heated teasing is starting to get to me, making me wonder if maybe indulging my curiosity might be worth blurring the boundaries of our friendship for a night. But what if it’s so good that I want a repeat experience?


He promises me an experience that’s hotter than hot, but am I ready to discover that I like what he’s offering me?



When everything about Callahan lights my insides up like a fireworks finale on the Fourth of July, I knew from the moment I first saw him that he was the one for me. The only thing stopping me from making him mine is that he’s straight. But that excuse goes out the window when he kisses me, like he’s been dying for a taste of me for years.


If he’s ready to take a chance on me for one night, can I make him fall in love with me forever?



'Hotter Than Hot' was originally published as 'Turn Up the Heat' for the Boys of Summer M/M giveaway. A new epilogue has been added for publication.

Book Review

Ariella Zoelle is a fairly new author to me, but a nice surprise. Last month I was so complimentary about the first story in this two-book series, ‘It Might Be Hot’, that I am still in a recovery program! This follow-up is nicely satisfactory, even if a little too wordy.


As foretold in the earlier work, ‘Hotter than Hot’ concerns that work’s secondary characters, friends, whose appearance is different than their essences. Each presents as straight: Baxley as a total man-whore; Callahan as basically sexually disinterested. Their story is a primer for learners in gay interpersonal communications, so useful for genuine and pseudo erudites. Baxley’s aggressive flirting with Callahan is merely a camouflage, as he wants more than a one-off with Callahan. And Callahan knows he couldn’t just have sex (despite, “a mouth is a mouth and has nothing to do with gender”) and then return to a vanilla friendship. We get to witness the confusion of old friends as they stumble to a deeper and more erotic relationship.


Author Zoelle unwinds the problems which have seemed to limit the main characters’ predestined relationship. Along the way there are odd but revealing conversations, explorations of sexual histories, and explication of preferences in potential physical engagements – some of the latter bordering on the clinical. And, occasionally, the weight of the author’s language seems too much for a slight/light short story – “His soft moans and sigh sounding like an erotic symphony that I was ready to buy season tickets to enjoy them on a long-term basis.” Really?


A nice read for those favoring quickies.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 81 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-September-2021
Price $3.99 ebook
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